Listen, we know that nobody likes talking about money. However, we also know that this is an investment, not an impulse buy. We have based our prices off not just our time spent with you on the wedding day, but our experience, our equipment, our knowledge, and what it takes to run a legitimate, tax-paying business. We promise that, just like waiting for that new T-Swift album to drop, we're worth it. 

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"Not only are they insanely talented, creative, and high-quality, but they also insure that every measure of client experience is met. They were so accommodating to our needs, dates, and stressors. Koryn and Chris are an incredible pair who work synchronously with one another and make for the best photo and video duo! We will never regret choosing them as the people who captured our wedding. We are so thankful to look back at their work and re-live the best day of our lives over and over again (usually with tears in our eyes). Photos, videos, and our love are the only thing left from our wedding; the clothes were hung, food was eaten, decor packed up, and everything else put away. It was worth every penny to hire the Rice team! Their turnaround time was quicker than most photographers, quality of work was unmatched, and their advice was very needed as we planned the most special day of our lives. We love them so much!"

-Kayle + Olivia

"We will choose them over and over again"

These photos have blown my mind. Like how. How does Koryn have the magical powers that she does?? We love them so so much and can’t thank her enough! We are normally super picky with pics of ourselves but we honestly love every single one! She captured “us” so perfectly!! Would highly recommend Koryn. She’s super talented, genuine, and all around just a dang good time.
-Blake + Katie

"She captured us so perfectly!"

"Koryn and Chris are a dream team! We absolutely loved working with those two and felt like they captured our day (and everything leading up to it) beautifully. We know they work with so many other couples and families but truly felt like they knew us and captured how it felt to be there. We love them and so did everyone who got to know them on our day! We would work with them again if we could in a heartbeat! Thank you both for EVERYTHING! (I just also have to say... that if you are considering adding on video DO IT! We were SO happy with our photos but there was nothing like having a video to really just capture all the feels!)"

-Aaron + Jenae

"Koryn and Chris are a dream team!"

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- greece
- iceland
- new zealand
- thailand
- india
- Machu picchu
- africa
- morocco

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- Bali
- Hawaii
- spain 
- france
- costa rica
- australia
- Italy
- uk
- yosemite
- pnw

all the places we'll go

March: So. Cal + Joshua tree NP

April: Sedona, AZ + Idaho + Utah

June: Colorado, Michigan, captial reef NP

July: WASHINGTON + Idaho


September: Montana

OCTOBER: Massachusettes + ARIZONA

NOvember: Texas

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