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Much like your couch and Netflix, we are a package deal. We believe there's two sides to every story, the photo side and the video side. You need both to get the full story.
We are firm believers that every love story deserves to be shared. It deserves to be heard. To be seen. To be told. Because your story matters to us. We will be there to document the way you see it, the raw and beautiful messy moments that make up who you are. We can't wait to get started.

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Photographs are the closest thing we have to time travel

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My passion for photography started with my dad. I was only ten when he bought me my first camera, but that desire to document each memory has never faded. I have more stamps in my passport than pairs of shoes in my closet and my perfect day consists of boarding a plane or sitting shotgun headed to some place new, But also the homebody inside loves a good set of loungewear and a cup of chai with no interruptions. I'm a mama, wife, boss babe, nurse, your next hype gal and a business educator. I love wearing many hats, but one of my most valuable lessons I am reminded of as a hospice nurse is that each moment is precious and being mama has taught me that life moves too quickly. We can't go back in time, but we can look at photographs and that's basically the same thing. 

When you marry a photographer, your passion for photography automatically sparks. Koryn and I were working two separate jobs, hardly seeing each other, and she noticed her couples were lacking a side of their story being told: the video side. So, I decided to pick up a camera and learn everything I could about video and continue this business together. My perfect day consists of the great outdoors. Nature is my jam. My childhood was spent hiking through the wildness of Alaska. I now spend my weekly afternoons trail running behind our kiddos on their bikes and trying to keep up. My favorite stress reliever is strumming the guitar and, of course, serenading my beautiful wife. I dreamed of traveling, but it wasn't until I was deployed to Iraq that I first left the country. I love traveling with my family and challenging my comfort zones. I feel that life is a grand gift and ought to be enjoyed with those we enjoy being with. 

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We have three dragons - sorry, we mean children - who we love dearly. Capri (9), Hudson (6), and Clark (5). They are fueled by mostly love and mostly mac n' cheese. If our children have taught us anything, it is that being your authentic self is the best way to be. Capri's free spirit, Hudson's tender-heart, and Clark's wild child nature have brought a sense of adventure to our life that we didn't know was possible. After living in a motorhome and traveling the country for a year and a half, our little ones are professional road-trippers with a desire for travel that rivals our own. Life isn't always easy and balancing three kids and a growing business can be a struggle, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. 

It was a Saturday morning at Denny's in the summer of '07. We went on a double date, although we weren't each others dates, our lives were forever changed by those french toast and moons over my hammy. 

By homecoming that fall, we were basically inseparable. Then, when Chris went off to basic training after high school we continued to stay in touch Notebook style with handwritten letters. 

At this point it had been nearly four years of young lovin'. Soon after Chris returned home he was assigned to Iraq for deployment. We knew at this point it was sink or swim, either way we were in it together. 

We eloped at the courthouse in Southern Utah, and then spent the first eight months of our marriage apart. 

It definitely wasn't what we would call ideal, but here's the thing: it's our story. After 14 years we've come to know that when something is important to you, you fight for it. 

Since that first time we held hands in the hallways of Pineview High, we have experienced the good, the bad, and everything in-between. 

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